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Indoor Rock Climbing

The Intro Series 

Our Intro Series - A Series of classes designed for Beginner and Intermediate climbers aged 14+,  coached on the fundamentals techniques of Boldering, 

These techniques will go a long way in taking your climbing to the next level. 

Some of the techniques that will be taught will be as follows :

Dynamic Movement

Heel Hooking / Toe Hook

Finding Flow

Pushing Grades

Toe Hooking / Heel Hook

Technical Climbing - Slab, Smear & Foot Position

Static Body Position - Flagging, drop knee & Perching.

Every Thursday @ 6.30pm - £6.00pp

This should be booked in advance as spaces are limited to 12 persons. 

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Climbing Based - Flow Yoga

Climbing based Flow Yoga is simply flow yoga with some specific poses designed to help mobility and flexibility for climbing. 


Our Flow yoga is where the practitioner moves dynamically from one posture immediately into another, following the breath. This continuous flow of movement and breath generates a meditative state, encouraging practitioners to let go of thought and focus on experience of the present moment. 

Every Monday @ 7:30pm - £5.00pp

This should be booked in advance as spaces are limited to 30 persons. 

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